viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

They claim that penis shrank around the world

Scientists warn that the penis size was reduced around the world

The average size of the penis in erection would have reduced 2.3 centimeters in the last decade.

Theyfit condoms brand commissioned a study which revealed that "the magnetic waves and pesticides reduce the size of the penis". Last year, Italy Padua University Hospital conducted a similar investigation in which it was discovered that in 50 years the average penis size has decreased by 10 percent. According to the current report, involving 20,000 British, "the average erect penis size has been reduced 2.3 centimeters in the last decade, went from 15.24 to 12.95 cm on average". It is, for researchers, a trend that will inherit the future generations, regardless of the demographic profile of each person. The decrease in the size of the penis is due to diseases related to changes in the endocrine system. The first hypothesis suggests that these effects would be caused by the consumption of food and water that have come into contact with various pesticides and fertilizers. Penis Size Worlwide, the report with the largest penis men are in Ecuador (17.77 cm in erection), then there are Ghanaians (with 17.33 centimeters), and third the men of Sudan (with 16.47 cm). Men with more small penis are Koreans with 9.66 centimeters in penis on average.

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