viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

They claim that penis shrank around the world

Scientists warn that the penis size was reduced around the world

The average size of the penis in erection would have reduced 2.3 centimeters in the last decade.

Theyfit condoms brand commissioned a study which revealed that "the magnetic waves and pesticides reduce the size of the penis". Last year, Italy Padua University Hospital conducted a similar investigation in which it was discovered that in 50 years the average penis size has decreased by 10 percent. According to the current report, involving 20,000 British, "the average erect penis size has been reduced 2.3 centimeters in the last decade, went from 15.24 to 12.95 cm on average". It is, for researchers, a trend that will inherit the future generations, regardless of the demographic profile of each person. The decrease in the size of the penis is due to diseases related to changes in the endocrine system. The first hypothesis suggests that these effects would be caused by the consumption of food and water that have come into contact with various pesticides and fertilizers. Penis Size Worlwide, the report with the largest penis men are in Ecuador (17.77 cm in erection), then there are Ghanaians (with 17.33 centimeters), and third the men of Sudan (with 16.47 cm). Men with more small penis are Koreans with 9.66 centimeters in penis on average.

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Gigliotti, sincere: "Sell smoke"

Mouth was 'injured', almost on the verge of falling. But to students, leading up to that ideal scoring then, those of Carlos Bianchi showed a big improvement and harvested their first win in going from the initial tournament.

These three points were filled with optimism to the roster, something that made it very clear Emmanuel Gigliotti. "We have a good team, you must be convinced ourselves. We know the quality of players that we have and we must take advantage of that. We were predisposed to change history, especially after the match against Belgrano", said the scorer of the"xeneize"cast.

"Playing with Vélez us seizes in a good time because we arrived on the rise. Everyone knows that when mouth begins to sell smoke some begin to shit laughing", warned, with a lot of enthusiasm,"Puma". And then, he added: "In a championship so evenly, until the last moment somebody has chances to be able to fight".

To close, in dialogue with single mouth, programme which is broadcast by Radio Cooperativa, told how he lived the final minutes of the victory to the "click": "suffered enough, especially in the second half but we had several occasions, such as the Pichi and Roman. To me that I had to leave, I suffered more. But the important thing is that we won and we were solid in defence."

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Three million Argentines suffer from diseases

cubrinos. Here we are", proposes the motto of the Argentina Federation of diseases little frequent (Fadepof), for this Friday, while commemorating the world rare disease day.

Precisely because of health problems that are common, such as influenza, diabetes or hypertension, rare diseases are little known among the people in general and even in the medical community.

This has several consequences: among them, that patients spend years without proper diagnosis and treatment, with which the condition progresses and leaves sequelae.

Fortunately, it was not the case of the daughter of the singer Axel, who in January quickly the disease was diagnosed in Kawasaki, a rare pathology, although increasingly detected (see page 8).

Of six to eight thousand rare diseases listed by the World Health Organization (who), only for some specific treatments have been developed, and for others, therapies that apply are those used in pathologies that have some similarities.

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martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Mou: "Barcelona is a very different"

MOURINHO: "It's a very different barcelona"

Jose Mourinho analyzed the match Manchester City and Barcelona vie for the Champions League knockout and made the team as a candidate Pellegrini. "Although we have Messi, the City will have its options," let the Portuguese controversial.

In recent days the European football lives for the Champions League. Therefore, Mourinho did not lose the opportunity to review and analyze, true to form, the star match between Barcelona and Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, Tuesday from 16:45 hrs, for the second round: "In this season The Barcelona is proving to be not the same from previous years, "said the Portuguese coach after saying that the whole Tata Martino only" may be favorite for its history. "

Mourinho, who has a special rivalry with Barcelona for his past Real Madrid and Pep Guardiola crossings remembered, accepted for ITV that "Messi is special," but "despite it having him, the City will have their options. " Thus, the coach of Chelsea hinted that her favorite place in the quarter is the group led by Manuel Pellegrini, the same as a few days ago the FA removed Cup.Mientras therefore Mou is prepared to face Garatasalay of Drogba.

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Hand barcelona better world wants to win in ING

The match on Tuesday (20.45, TV3 / La1) between Manchester City and Barcelona is presented as the most spectacular battle of the knockout stages of the Champions League, between two teams that made the ball his main weapon and have been shown as two of the most offensive and spectacular continent.

Argentina Time: 16:40

The leader of the League against the third Premier, with an absence of weight, Kun Aguero, and a host of top-level players led by two technicians, Manuel Pellegrini and Gerardo Martino, attacking football lovers.


Manchester City (4-2-3-1): Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Clichy, Toure, Garcia, Nasri, Silva, J.Navas; Negredo.

Barcelona (4-3-3): Valdes, Dani Alves, Puyol, Pique, Alba, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Sanchez.

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5% of Mexicans go to 'Tri' world champion

Five hundred Mexicans may see Mexico National Team win the World Cup Brazil 2014, while a majority, 36 percent, considered a favorite team in Brazil, according to a survey released today in the country.

Optimism that Mexico will make a great paper prevails in a majority 56 percent said Consulta Mitofsky in the study "Mexico towards the World", which the company developed to survey the local press.

The survey was conducted between 10 and 13 January this year a thousand people across the country in their homes and has a margin of error of 3 percent, the consultancy said in a statement.

Among those surveyed, five percent go to Mexico as world champion, the 14 percent who reach the quarter finals and four percent that will stay in the second round, 21 percent considered possible a bad performance appearance.

Brazil is the favorite choice for 36 percent of respondents, ahead of the combined Spain and Germany, which are seen as champions by six percent in the survey and four percent will give it to Argentina

Among the players who expect to see, Lionel Messi is the one most mentions with 59 percent, 50 percent for Cristiano Ronaldo and 15 percent for the Brazilian Neymar.

Among Mexican players who can attend the World, the player has been mentioned Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez of Manchester United, followed by Oribe Peralta of Santos, Rafael Marquez, Leon, and Giovani dos Santos, Villarreal Spanish.

40 percent of respondents said they had a good opinion of coach Miguel Herrera, while 12 percent have a poor concept strategist who guided Mexico in the World Cup.

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martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

It Rito: "I prostituted"

The star said that the first time you had sex with two men silver was and thought it was "very easy". Just said he always preserved its tail.

The star said that the first time you had sex for money was with two men.

Maria Eugenia Rito revealing testimony provided a "true secrets" program Luis Ventura.

After Intruders confess that at the beginning of his career was "cat" and "consumed all, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal and more," the star revealed details of his first experience in the VIP prostitution.

"I have had all, cute and ugly men. The first time I said 'Oh, how easy. And to think that being a gym teacher have to work a lot to get this money '. Honestly, I do not remember if it was one or two men, "he recalled nervously.

He also explained that it was not easy to choose that path. "No, I grabbed the easy way. How easy do you think you? Always the first thing he did was say 'why not give us a shower?'. There was say, 'hey, andd to swim!'. Still, I was pretty lucky. If the customer did not like me, bancaba me, I had to work, "he said.

On the other hand, said that there was a part of his body preserved. "Something I never wanted to do, and wanted me to pay fortunes and I swear on my mother. I had a great body and tail was privileged. At that time, I have wanted to pay lots and lots of money and never trance with that, "he said.

And finally, put the controversy to several "colleagues", but declined to name names: "I prostituted girls very famous medium," he said

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Penaldo still making the rounds

Anccelotti team beats Colchonero by 2-0 with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo Criminal (both by the same route)
The formations of both teams are:
Real Madrid: Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Alvaro Arbeloa, Daniel Carvajal, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo (7 ', 16'), Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Isco, juegos friv  Asier Ilarramendi.
Substitutes: Diego Lopez, Pepe, Fernando Nacho, Angel Di Maria, Casemiro, Karim Benzema, Jese.
Atl. Madrid: Daniel Aranzubia, friv game Emiliano Insua, Toby Alderweireld, Miranda, Javi Manquillo, Raul Garcia, Diego, Mario Suarez, Cristian Rodriguez, Jose Ernesto Sosa, Koke.
Substitutes: Yassine Bounou, Diego Godin, Gabi, Juanfran Francisco, Arda Turan, Adrian, Ruben Visine.
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Japan: diaper with sensor alerts you when to change

Yes, the future came in the form of baby poop: a Japanese company launched a novel diapers, they avoid parents having to smell the tails to see if it's time to add another.

Takao Somaya, proud of his creation

The sensor that allows such use is, of course, organic, and is embedded in the base of the diaper. It works wirelessly and communicates well with the parent by the child, telling you when it's time to add another. A Japanese product undoubtedly.

It is an integrated flexible printed on a plastic film capable of transmitting information, feeding energy without wires circuit. Best of all, it's not expensive to make, just a few cents each unit. The system uses organic materials and can be printed with the same print cartridge, was developed by teachers Takayasu Sakurai and Takao Someya, University of Tokyo.

The sensor, a true technological breakthrough

This technology is useful not only in children but also applies to potty training adults with a rapidly expanding market in Japan where more and more people reach old age. Normal diapers change color to indicate that they are wet, but who cares diaper user should review it anyway to be sure. "If the test is done electronically, you do not get the baby clothes to verify. One changes it and ready, "said Someya.

The flexibility of sensor implemented may also be useful to monitor blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in hospitals, scientists say. It would be more convenient and efficient than sensors made of silicon and other relatively rigid materials. The prototype created allows you to monitor humidity, pressure, temperature and other phenomena capable of producing a change in electrical resistance. The next step, says Someya, is to reduce the energy consumption of the sensor, which is low but may be even smaller.

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Soon patents in Argentina have 4 letters

The various possible combinations for patents is rapidly depleting, powered by automotive boom in the country, and one letter codes to be added in order to continue the system. Evaluate change the background color.
Pat the cars are reaching high levels and soon exhaust all 17,576,000 (26 x 26 x 26 x 1000) possible combinations.
To solve this problem, the National Motor Vehicle Ownership (DNPRA) announced it will expand the system by adding a digit.
From next year, all new or used car I will change their new patent owner, so will coexist for a long time with those old licenses. The reason, explained from the body, is the boom in auto sales is recorded in the country (over 800,000 automotive project in 2011, cursos gratuitos which would increase).
The DNPRA also analyzes modify the color of the patents. Studies indicate that the most convenient for drivers and control forces would be the black background for white were reversed, and vice versa with the letters. However, this has not yet been defined.
What is known is that the new character will be a number. The aim will prevent forming words and complaints by obtaining patents ending in "666". cursos online The first series starts with 0 and continue with the other numbers gradually, as the series are completed. This expands the number of possible combinations to 175 760 000, so would not talk about it in at least two decades.
The news is old, but for this 2014 patent and going by the letter N. In the Q begin repeating combinations.
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Fanatical gets home from Enrique Iglesias in inter clothing

anatical gets home from Enrique Iglesias in lingerie!

Enrique Iglesias and girlfriend Anna Kournikova took a tremendous surprise, then found inside his mansion a woman in lingerie.

Gateway E! Online Latino News said the woman crossed a dangerous river to enter the property of the interpreter in Miami. Enrique told the Daily Mirror as the facts:

"She swam, climbed and climbed a fence at sea, and suddenly saw the garden. Crossing only be reached by sea through a dangerous area.'s Security asked me if I was going to report it, but I never do something. first thing I did was go to check on him. was soaked and it was cold. I was stunned by what he had risked. "

After checking the bold follower was fine, Anna Kournikova lent some clothes and returned to his hotel. How beautiful!

The attitude of Henry with his fans is amazing, he always gives them a chance to be kissed or hugged in his concerts.

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