martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

It Rito: "I prostituted"

The star said that the first time you had sex with two men silver was and thought it was "very easy". Just said he always preserved its tail.

The star said that the first time you had sex for money was with two men.

Maria Eugenia Rito revealing testimony provided a "true secrets" program Luis Ventura.

After Intruders confess that at the beginning of his career was "cat" and "consumed all, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal and more," the star revealed details of his first experience in the VIP prostitution.

"I have had all, cute and ugly men. The first time I said 'Oh, how easy. And to think that being a gym teacher have to work a lot to get this money '. Honestly, I do not remember if it was one or two men, "he recalled nervously.

He also explained that it was not easy to choose that path. "No, I grabbed the easy way. How easy do you think you? Always the first thing he did was say 'why not give us a shower?'. There was say, 'hey, andd to swim!'. Still, I was pretty lucky. If the customer did not like me, bancaba me, I had to work, "he said.

On the other hand, said that there was a part of his body preserved. "Something I never wanted to do, and wanted me to pay fortunes and I swear on my mother. I had a great body and tail was privileged. At that time, I have wanted to pay lots and lots of money and never trance with that, "he said.

And finally, put the controversy to several "colleagues", but declined to name names: "I prostituted girls very famous medium," he said

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