viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Gigliotti, sincere: "Sell smoke"

Mouth was 'injured', almost on the verge of falling. But to students, leading up to that ideal scoring then, those of Carlos Bianchi showed a big improvement and harvested their first win in going from the initial tournament.

These three points were filled with optimism to the roster, something that made it very clear Emmanuel Gigliotti. "We have a good team, you must be convinced ourselves. We know the quality of players that we have and we must take advantage of that. We were predisposed to change history, especially after the match against Belgrano", said the scorer of the"xeneize"cast.

"Playing with Vélez us seizes in a good time because we arrived on the rise. Everyone knows that when mouth begins to sell smoke some begin to shit laughing", warned, with a lot of enthusiasm,"Puma". And then, he added: "In a championship so evenly, until the last moment somebody has chances to be able to fight".

To close, in dialogue with single mouth, programme which is broadcast by Radio Cooperativa, told how he lived the final minutes of the victory to the "click": "suffered enough, especially in the second half but we had several occasions, such as the Pichi and Roman. To me that I had to leave, I suffered more. But the important thing is that we won and we were solid in defence."

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