martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Fanatical gets home from Enrique Iglesias in inter clothing

anatical gets home from Enrique Iglesias in lingerie!

Enrique Iglesias and girlfriend Anna Kournikova took a tremendous surprise, then found inside his mansion a woman in lingerie.

Gateway E! Online Latino News said the woman crossed a dangerous river to enter the property of the interpreter in Miami. Enrique told the Daily Mirror as the facts:

"She swam, climbed and climbed a fence at sea, and suddenly saw the garden. Crossing only be reached by sea through a dangerous area.'s Security asked me if I was going to report it, but I never do something. first thing I did was go to check on him. was soaked and it was cold. I was stunned by what he had risked. "

After checking the bold follower was fine, Anna Kournikova lent some clothes and returned to his hotel. How beautiful!

The attitude of Henry with his fans is amazing, he always gives them a chance to be kissed or hugged in his concerts.

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