martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Japan: diaper with sensor alerts you when to change

Yes, the future came in the form of baby poop: a Japanese company launched a novel diapers, they avoid parents having to smell the tails to see if it's time to add another.

Takao Somaya, proud of his creation

The sensor that allows such use is, of course, organic, and is embedded in the base of the diaper. It works wirelessly and communicates well with the parent by the child, telling you when it's time to add another. A Japanese product undoubtedly.

It is an integrated flexible printed on a plastic film capable of transmitting information, feeding energy without wires circuit. Best of all, it's not expensive to make, just a few cents each unit. The system uses organic materials and can be printed with the same print cartridge, was developed by teachers Takayasu Sakurai and Takao Someya, University of Tokyo.

The sensor, a true technological breakthrough

This technology is useful not only in children but also applies to potty training adults with a rapidly expanding market in Japan where more and more people reach old age. Normal diapers change color to indicate that they are wet, but who cares diaper user should review it anyway to be sure. "If the test is done electronically, you do not get the baby clothes to verify. One changes it and ready, "said Someya.

The flexibility of sensor implemented may also be useful to monitor blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in hospitals, scientists say. It would be more convenient and efficient than sensors made of silicon and other relatively rigid materials. The prototype created allows you to monitor humidity, pressure, temperature and other phenomena capable of producing a change in electrical resistance. The next step, says Someya, is to reduce the energy consumption of the sensor, which is low but may be even smaller.

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