martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Soon patents in Argentina have 4 letters

The various possible combinations for patents is rapidly depleting, powered by automotive boom in the country, and one letter codes to be added in order to continue the system. Evaluate change the background color.
Pat the cars are reaching high levels and soon exhaust all 17,576,000 (26 x 26 x 26 x 1000) possible combinations.
To solve this problem, the National Motor Vehicle Ownership (DNPRA) announced it will expand the system by adding a digit.
From next year, all new or used car I will change their new patent owner, so will coexist for a long time with those old licenses. The reason, explained from the body, is the boom in auto sales is recorded in the country (over 800,000 automotive project in 2011, cursos gratuitos which would increase).
The DNPRA also analyzes modify the color of the patents. Studies indicate that the most convenient for drivers and control forces would be the black background for white were reversed, and vice versa with the letters. However, this has not yet been defined.
What is known is that the new character will be a number. The aim will prevent forming words and complaints by obtaining patents ending in "666". cursos online The first series starts with 0 and continue with the other numbers gradually, as the series are completed. This expands the number of possible combinations to 175 760 000, so would not talk about it in at least two decades.
The news is old, but for this 2014 patent and going by the letter N. In the Q begin repeating combinations.

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